About iCollege

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Who We Are

iCollege is a leading international provider of E-Learning courses, learning technologies and development services.


iCollege is a collaborative venture between XpertSkills and XpertEase Software.


The synergistic result of our joint venture enable us to provide sophisticated, innovative, relevant, flexible and cost-effective learning solutions.


Our collective knowledge and experience in education and training provision sets the standard for service delivery in learning solutions.

What We Do

Utilizing state of the art technologies, highly experienced consultants and innovative methodologies, we provide, cutting-edge education products, services and solutions for individuals, corporate organizations, governmental institutions and education providers.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Off-the-Shelf E-Learning Courses.
  • Learning Content Design and Development
  • Learning Management System and education portals
  • Education Technology Consulting
  • Human Resource and Organizational Development Consulting